Scientific Research Institute of Perspective Urban Development fulfills the entire complex of scientific and technical services related to execution of urban development documentation, from exploratory design and justifications to execution of design documentation and designer supervision, in total solving urban development, architectural, economical, environmental, and engineering tasks.
Sergey Mityagin
Director General, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Doctor of Architecture, professor

All the human history is the the history of changing of the environment, the history of urban development, the history of land-use state regulation and engaging of natural resources into social and economic development of territories, the history of forming of material and spatial environment, the history of distribution of urban landscape zones and business activity zones, which cover more and more areas of the globe, near-surface layers of atmosphere, hydrosphere, and earth interior during hundreds of years.

Beginning of the third millennium is marked by the task formulated by the UN to transfer to stable controlled development; to solve the task, it requires to expand the area of urban development activity, to implement technologies of sparing and rational use of the planet natural resources, to construct the facilities of industrial and civil purpose of engineering, transport, and recreational infrastructure. Urban development and construction activities step by step embrace all the earth surface including water, air, underground resources, and even near-the-earth space.

Forecasting of such level urban development tasks and of such level of social responsibility determine strategy and tactical solutions in the area of settlement, territorial planning, urban development zoning, land planning, architectural, construction, and civil-engineering designing, construction and reconstruction of capital assets that are the professional competences of the creative team of the Scientific Research Institute of Perspective Urban Development.

Scientific Research Institute of Perspective Urban Development Limited Liability Company went through several transformation stages beginning from 1992. Place of the institute registration is Saint Petersburg. Technical and personnel possibilities of the institute allow fulfilling the entire complex of scientific research for urban development, of regulatory methodological and design works. From the first days of its existence, the Institute worked in competitive business environment.

The Institute continues professional traditions of comprehensive methodological and design support of administrative-territorial units of Russia accumulated by the Leningrad Scientific Research and Design Institute for Urban Development at solution of social and economic, scientific and research, and planning and surveying tasks for construction of new industrial cities and settlements, including rotation and expedition settlements, in extreme natural and climatic, taiga, and remote regions of the country.

Specialists of the Institute carry educational activities in the specialized departments of Saint Petersburg higher education establishments, participate in work groups of special committees of the Federation Council and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, organize international seminars and conferences on Saint Petersburg, Republic of Crimea, Germany, including the activities organized together with the Russian Geographical Society, that are dedicated to current issues of the urban development. The Institute employees are regularly published in the professional print media concerning and take part in conferences regarding the methodological issues; they fulfill various publishing projects related to urban development.

Pavel Spirin
Managing Director, Ph.D. in Geography, assistant professor

The list of the Institute works for the recent years includes the successfully fulfilled projects and studies in the field of development of the strategies of social and economic development of macroregions (Northwestern Federal District), land-use planning scheme of constituent entity of the Russian Federation, municipal districts, designs of urban agglomerations, general layouts, land-use and development regulations, concepts of planning organization for territories of urban and rural settlements, and architectural and civil-engineering facilities of non-military nature.

Scientific, scientific and conceptual, and methodological studies and recommendations, development of design documentation for new manufacturing facilities, engineering and transportation systems hold a special place among the Institute works; cadastral land-use planning is developing dynamically.

During the last 5 years, the Institute fulfilled more than 60 scientific research works, more than 40 documents of strategic and territorial planning, including sea spacial planning documents, about 100 regulations for land use and development of urban and rural settlements, dozens of planning designs, area demarcation projects, and linear objects of transportation and engineering infrastructure by request of the state federal and regional authorities.

The Institute maintains and develops international cooperation in the area of urban development and territorial planning with German and Vietnamese colleagues in particular. The Institute is regularly contacted with representatives of executive authorities and design organizations of Singapore and South Korea. Scientific studies of justifications in the area of environmental landscape and sea spatial planning are being conducted. Methodological guidelines and regulations of urban development reconstruction of historical settlements are being developed with preparation of standards architectural solutions for application at construction of large-scale residential and cultural and business purpose.

The Institute has the stable financial condition; steady growth of amount of fulfilled and implemented works can be noted. The Institute is actively engaged to examination activities including legal arguments in the area of land planning and implementation of urban development projects. The Institute has all the necessary licenses and certificates ensuring all types of urban development, cadastral, architectural, and construction activities in practice.

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