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December 2018 года

The new general layout of Krasnodar will be developed by the Scientific Research Institute of Perspective Urban Development (Saint Petersburg). As Stroygazeta was informed by the press service of the administration of the Krasnodar Region capital, a corresponding contract with the institute was concluded following the results of the competition. The decision to develop a new general layout for the city was made in August of this year; 130 million rubles were allocated for its development.

The things to be done were discussed at the meeting conducted by the head of Krasnodar, Yevgeny Pervyshov, with the chief architect of Krasnodar Region, Yury Rysin, and representatives of the institute. According to the mayor, the current general layout, acting in Krasnodar since 2012, no longer meets the realities and does not fully reflect the existing layout of the city. In recent years, the territory of the municipality has increased significantly due to the land that was transferred to the city by the Russian Federation. Krasnodar needs a full operable document that would take into account the prospects for development of the city economy and infrastructure, actively attract investment in the near future, and create a comfortable urban environment.

The new version of the general layout will have to take into account several important aspects of the Kuban capital development: transformation of Krasnodar into a major urban agglomeration, development of the road network, protection of the historic center. According to the Director General of the Scientific Research Institute of Perspective Urban Development, Sergey Mityagin, Honorary Architect of Russia, the general layout will be developed in stages.

First, the research institute specialists will be collect information and initial data. In parallel, topographic and geodetic works will be carried out. Based on the obtained data, the designers will create a digital topographic plan of the Krasnodar territory on a scale of 1:2,000, which will form the basis of the general layout.

After complete development of the city new document design, it will be sent for approval to the federal, regional, and city structures. There will be public hearings in Krasnodar, during which the design will be presented to citizens. However, even before the hearings, the design will be uploaded to the official Internet portal of the city administration and the Krasnodar City Council. Anyone can read the document and express suggestions. After that, the main urban development document will be submitted for approval. In total, all the work with the new general layout of Krasnodar can take three years: 1.5 – 2 years will be required for work of the designers, and the approval procedure will take about a year.

For reference purposes

The Scientific Research Institute of Perspective Urban Development was founded in 1931. The institute performs a full range of scientific and technical services for development of urban development documentation. During its history, the institute team participated in the urban development design of more than 250 cities and settlements in all regions of the country, including development of designs of Rostov and Barnaul agglomerations, territorial planning schemes of the Kostroma region, Altai Kray, general layouts of Yalta, Murmansk, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, and other cities.

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