December 2018 года

Deputies of the Yalta City Council unanimously voted for the adoption of the city general layout. The following was approved during the meeting: provision on territorial planning, map of local significance objects arrangement, map of settlements, and map of functional areas.

In the new general layout developed by  Design Institute Geoplan Ltd. a larger area is allotted for green areas with an emphasis on maximum preservation of territories of the Yalta mountain forest and the Crimea reserves. Besides, the focus was on the placement of social facilities: all prospecting sites were assigned for them taking into account the number of residents.

The chief architect of the Scientific Research Institute of Perspective Urban Development Ltd. Sergey Mityagin said: “The existing build-up creates difficulties in solving of transport and engineering problems.” It is necessary to restore not only the park zones built up with numerous illegal constructions. Utilities require reconstruction; according to experts, utilities wear up to 80 percent. The new plan includes solution for these issues.

The developers spoke about the intentions to make the Yuzhnoberezhnoye highway to be a highway of federal importance of category 1 or 2 by expanding the carriageway to at least four lanes. So, the general layout of Yalta takes over the solution of transport problems as well.

The highway will be equipped with a network of intercepting parking lots to reduce traffic on narrow city streets. Tourists will have to leave their cars in intercepting parking lots and move on with public transport or by cable car.

Stanislav Ovchinnikov, deputy director of the  Geoplan Design Institute, ,added: “It is proposed to launch a tourist route from the highway that runs without going to settlements to deliver tourists as quickly as possible to the sites of the visit.”

To reduce the transport flow to the city center, there will be a new administrative center on Darsan mountain instead of the communal production facilities currently inoperative. Markets, shopping centers, financial and scientific institutions, and the structure of public administration will be moved there. According to Stanislav Ovchinnikov, “the historical center of Yalta will remain the tourist center. Only cafes, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and concert halls may be arranged here.”

It is also reported that more than 200 hectares of land have been allocated for the construction of new health resort and tourist facilities in the city district.

The area of beaches will also be increased: the general layout designers investigated 12.5 km of the coastal strip, on which it will be possible to build new beaches.

Of course, due to the fact that there are areas on which consensus has not yet been reached, Limenskaya Valley in Simeiz in particular, changes will be made to the main city urban development document of Yalta. Of course, the general layout will not determine the fate of each disputed home ownership; to do it, the Yalta City Council will have to adopt the rules of land use and development.

The details of the general layout of Yalta urban district can be found by following the  link.

Historical background: the very first general layout of the Bolshaya Yalta was adopted in 1935 and acted until the collapse of the Soviet Union. According to this document, the mission of Bolshaya Yalta was to be an All-Union health resort.

In 1993, the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea adopted the second general layout of Yalta

In 2007, the third plan of the Bolshaya Yalta was approved.

After the annexation of the Crimea to Russia, “Strategy for the Socioeconomic Development of Yalta” was developed and adopted by the City Council in 2016. It was developed jointly with the Russian Academy of National Economy and the public service affiliated with the President of the Russian Federation and responded to the main purpose of Yalta – to be a resort. The strategy was canceled due to obstacles for the parties interested in construction.

The existing general layout of Yalta was being adopted during two years. The main obstacle was a significant number of violations in the land sector committed in the Ukrainian period of the history of Crimea.  http://www.newc.info/articles/51707/

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