Territorial planning scheme of the Altai Territory
P. Spirin
S. Mityagin
D. Mareyev
E. Mareyeva
T. Vargina
E. Sokolov
D. Omelchenko
S. Komaristy
A. Vargina
T. Goncharova
Project description

The special agricultural and tourist nature of the region was taken into account at development of the territorial planning scheme of the Altai Territory. Much attention was paid to preservation of cultural heritage sites, to development of a special economic zone of a recreational type, and to formation of tourist clusters.

Authoring team: P. Spirin, S. Mityagin, D. Mareyev, E. Mareyeva, T. Vargina, E. Sokolov, D. Omelchenko, S. Komaristy, A. Vargina, T. Goncharova.


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