Concept and design of the territorial planning scheme of Simferopol municipal region, the Republic of Crimea
P. Spirin
A. Shcherbakov
S. Mityagin
Yu. Vyazilova
T. Vargina
M. Ksenofontova
I. Yevplova
O. Druzina
I. Mikhaylova-Zelvyanskaia
M. Lazareva
E. Sokolov
D. Kirsanov
D. Morozov
D. Omelchenko
S. Komaristy
V. Bakhmetyev
K. Finayeva
E. Tashlanova
Project description

Design of the territorial planning scheme of the Simferopol municipal region of the Republic of Crimea is one of the first territorial planning documents developed in the Russian legal environment in the territory of the Republic of Crimea. The design takes into account the change traffic flows direction from north-south to east-west, which should lead to an improvement in the transport-geographical position and activation of economic activity along the Kerch – Theodosia – Belogorsk – Simferopol – Bakhchisarai – Sevastopol highway under reconstruction.

The design provides the creation of favorable living conditions for the population, the development of sociocultural potential (cultural, spiritual, development of sports and sports infrastructure, ensuring interethnic harmony), and the improving of the investment climate in the region.

Authoring team: P. Spirin, A. Shcherbakov, S. Mityagin, Yu. Vyazilova, T. Vargina, M. Ksenofontova, I. Yevplova I, O. Druzina, I. Mikhaylova-Zelvyanskaia, M. Lazareva, E. Sokolov, D. Kirsanov, D. Morozov, D. Omelchenko, S. Komaristy, V. Bakhmetyev, K. Finayeva, E. Tashlanova.


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