Planning design of the territory of Alekseyevskaya industrial zone, Opolye rural settlement, Kingisepp municipal district
Project description
The planning design proposes a new element of planning structure of Alekseyevskaya industrial zone; it is connected via infrastructure with the main planning axes of Opolye rural settlement, Kingisepp municipal district, Leningrad Region.

Architectural and planning solution of the territory of the industrial complex is aimed at formation of the single planning structure with interrelated functional areas. The territory planning design, taking into account the process features of production, distinguishes the industrial zone (territory use mode provides for possibility to arrange industrial facilities) and the utilities zone (for arrangement of transport service facilities, production and storage facilities, business and trade facilities).

Authoring team: Yu. Vyazilova, N. Tregub., S. Komaristy, E. Sokolov.
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