Balaklava: the development concept of Yakhtennaya Derevnya recreational complex in Sevastopol, Mramornaya street area.
Project description

The concept specifies the design proposals of the research work “Development the Concept of Civil Development of the Balaklava bay area of Sevastopol as an International Tourism Center” approved by the Urban Development Council affiliated to the Government of Sevastopol.

The design object is a multifunctional recreational complex with service infrastructure designed to serve the permanent and temporary population. The total area is 14.8 ha. According to the proposed zoning, the most favorable area to accommodate a public center, in terms of convenient pedestrian accessibility and volume and spatial composition, is a gentle-sloping ravine of narrow surrounded by green slopes that overlooks the Balaklava bay coast. The community center includes shopping, entertainment, sports, health, medical, and SPA center, yacht club, and diving center. These facilities are distributed in tiers built-in into the landscape. It is proposed to create an artificial water area for swimming and protected harbor for the yacht marina in the coastal zone of the sea.

The recreational complex is designed a la medieval old town with remains of massive town walls made of crude stone, a small landscaped terraced square and clock tower, ancient stone tower and arched pedestrian bridge over the eastern entrance, pedestrian street with cobbled wide staircases, along which small hotels with cafes, souvenir shops, galleries, cozy restaurants with terraces, and fountains are closely arranged.

Authoring team: S. Ovchinnikov, L. Ismailov, R. Kozhevnikov, S. Kovtun, E. Kholuyanova, N. Tregub, M. Vinokurov.
2017 г.

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