Gaevskaya Z.A., Mityagin S. D. Capital construction and noosphere genesis
Human activities must not develop spontaneously being driven by its own internal logics and they should be regulated in a certain manner since they appear to be a limited aggregate of material and natural conditions. The prominent mathematician and physicist N.N. Moiseyev believed that «coevolution of human society and biosphere – within the common meaning of this word combination, - is practically a synonym of the term noosphere introduced by V. I. Vernadsky, E. Le Roy» [1, p.142.] It is highlighted in the Copenhagen Declaration (7 December, 2009) of the International Union of Architects that ‘the concept of the project sustainability” accepts all the architectural and city planning objects as a part of a complex interactive system related to its natural environment» [2]. Therefore sustainable urban development depends directly on city planning activities. Capital construction must be in harmony with consequent formation of noosphere with due regard to socially viable management of natural and anthropologic processes and relations development. A number of scientific criteria are suggested to secure socially significant capital construction management on the grounds of the theory of the noosphere genesis.
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