Scientific Research Institute of Perspective Urban Development fulfills the entire complex of scientific and technical services related to execution of urban development documentation, from exploratory design and justifications to execution of design documentation and designer supervision, in total solving urban development, architectural, economical, environmental, and engineering tasks.
Land-use planning schemes

Development of land-use planning schemes of the Russian Federation constituents and municipal districts that are necessary for sustainable development of territories, assurance of safety and favorable conditions of human life and activities during urban development, limitation of adverse effect on the environment from business and other activities, and security and rational use of natural resources in favor of the present and the future generations.

General layouts

Preparation of general layouts and territory comprehensive development programs developed on their basis to establish functional zones, to determine planned arrangement of federal, regional, and local significance facilities, creation of effective methods to implement urban development solutions ensuring balanced long-term development of municipal districts.

Land-use and development rules

Creation of land-use and development plans is necessary to arrange urban development activity and optimization of land-use to increase investment attractiveness and to ensure the most effective land use within the specified regulations.

Land planning documentation

Preparation of the land-planning documentation (planning designs, demarcation plans, and engineering survey materials) is performed to ensure sustainable development of territories including allocation of planning structure elements, establishing of common area boundaries as well as formed and changed land lots, boundaries of areas for planned arrangement of permanent facilities, determination of characteristics and priority of planned territory development.

Architectural and urban development concepts

Architectural and urban development concept is a comprehensive proposal for territory development considering urban development standards and regulations; it includes planning, space-planning, and architectural solutions.

Architectural and civil-engineering designing

Architectural and civil-engineering and space-planning designing is fulfilled by preparation of design documentation related to permanent facilities and their parts constructed and reconstructed within the boundaries belonging to the developer or other right holder of the land lot. A design is the documentation defining architectural, functional and process, and structural and engineering solutions to ensure construction, reconstruction, and repair of permanent facilities and their parts.

Urban design regulations

Development of regional and local regulations for urban development design to establish estimates of the minimum permissible level of provision of the Russian Federation constituents population with various level facilities and to establish estimates of the maximum permissible level of territorial availability of such facilities for the Russian Federation constituents population considering the specific character of the territory to assure favorable conditions of human life and activities.

Cadastral works
Cadastral and land-use works:
• preparation of location description and establishment of boundaries for land-use objects in situ;
• creation of land-use files and maps (plans) of land-use objects;
• preparation of description for boundary layouts of settlements and areas including areas with special conditions for territory use;
• forming of graphic and text descriptions of objects;
• preparation of documents and support of procedure to transfer lands from one category to another;
• fulfillment of cadastral works for real-estate facilities;
• consultation and support of cadastral registration of real-estate unit rights.
Information systems ensuring urban development activity

The main objective to create information systems ensuring urban development activity is provision of the government authorities, local authorities, individuals, and legal entities with reliable information necessary for urban development, investment, and other business activities as well as for land planning. As a result of work execution, multiuser geoinformational system is created and commissioned on the basis of the client-server architecture; it unites systematized code of documented information regarding the territory development, land lots, real-estate units, urban development restrictions, land use, development, and other information to simplify data collection and to simplify the process of urban development activity management.

Scientific research works

The Institute fulfills theoretical and experimental works in the area of the territory urban development. Scientifically grounded proposals prepared on the basis of system-oriented analysis considering specific character of each studied territory are implemented in designing of land planning documentation, urban development zoning documentation, and in urban development documentation related to land planning. 46 applied research works conducted by the Institute specialists were registered in the Unified State Informational System of Civil Research and Development Works during the last few years.


Concept design gained development as a result of international and domestic tenders, in which the Institute specialists participated. This type of works is aimed at forming of ideas of spacial development of the cities in general as well as of separate elements of urban environment using innovative urban development solutions and creativity of the authors.

Comprehensive development programs
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