M.V. Shubenkov, S.D. Mityagin, Z.A. Gaevskaya . The sixth technological revolution in construction industry: Noospheric paths
Human civilization is on the threshold of the sixth technological stage. In the heart of it there will be an energetic structure shift conditioned by transition to the society and economy not capitalizing on carbon technologies. Construction industry develops in close relation with general trends of economy development. Energy efficiency of using natural resources in the sphere of industry, transportation and constructional production remarkably influences energy balance, climate, and environmental change. In biospheric context, transformation of nature function of human society is regulated by professional apparatus of city planning activity in a system of management as it has been developed historically. Thus, nowadays, city planning may be considered as one of the major integrated means of management of social evolution of biosphere. City planning as a means of social evolution and transformation of biosphere through construction may become a basis for innovative development of the whole construction industry.
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